Prostatitis prostate postatrophic prostatic hypertrophy iron a chronic prostatitis an infectious prostatitis


The prostatitis is an inflammation postatrophic prostatic hypertrophy (prostate). The chronic prostatitis is the most widespread urological disease at men more youngly 50 years and the third on frequency the urological diagnosis at men than 50 years (after good-quality hyperplasia and a cancer prostate) are more senior, making 10% of out-patient visits to the urologist. Frequency of disease by a prostatitis with the years increases and reaches(achieves) 40-70 %.

Photo of a prostatitisDevelopment of disease is connected to penetration of the infections transmitted in sexual way (ITSW) that promoted by an anatomic arrangement prostate. Activators of the infectious form of a prostatitis are bacteria, viruses, mycoplasmas, ureaplasmas, clamydia, Trichomonads, mushrooms. Infections, basically, transmitted in sexual way ITSW, from a bladder, urination the channel, a direct gut, on blood and lymphatic vessels of a small basin get in prostate.

The prostatitis can have not infectious character. The prostatitis happens sharp and chronic. Chronic, it is considered one of most inflammatory processes of urinogenital bodies.

The following forms of a prostatitis are allocated:

  • 1. A sharp bacterial prostatitis (category I).
  • 2. A chronic bacterial prostatitis (a category II).
  • 3. A chronic abacterial prostatitis / syndrome chronic pelvic pains (a category III).

    3.1. An inflammatory syndrome chronic pelvic pains (a category III А).

    3.2. Not inflammatory syndrome chronic pelvic pains (a category III В)

  • 4. An asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis (a category IV).

    Influence of a prostatitis on quality of a life is comparable to a stenocardia, illness the Crone, a heart attack of a myocardium that causes as well significant psychological and social problems at patients with a prostatitis of men of able-bodied age.

    Self-treatment is dangerous to your health

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