Urological Emergencies in Clinical Practice стр.134


out of harm's way, so that the needle can be introduced percuta-neously and directly, by ultrasound, toward the balloon of the catheter.


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Abdomen, burst, wound

dehiscence leading to,

145-146 Abdominal imaging in pelvic

fractures, 91-92 Acute-on-chronic high-

pressure retention,


Amiodarone, epididymitis

and, 52 Anaemia, 2 Anaphylaxis, 142-144 Aneurysm repair, ureteric

injury during, 83 Anuria, 4

Appendix epididymis, torsion

of, 127 Appendix testis, torsion of,

Arteriovenous fistulae, post PCNL, 62


Back pain, and urological

pathology, 6-7, 11 Bacterial prostatitis, acute,

48-49 Bed-wetting, and high

pressure chronic

retention, 12 Bladder augmentation,

spontaneous rupture

after, 107 blocked catheter after,

170-171 Bladder cancer, TURBT and

bladder perforation, 99,

101, 104

Bladder imaging, in urethral

rupture, 95-97 Bladder injuries, 97-109 associated with pelvic

fractures, 89-90 during caesarean section, 107

causes of, 97-98 diagnosing, 98-99 imaging studies for, 99 surgical repair of, 108-109 types of perforation in, 98 Bladder outlet obstruction, 9 Bladder perforation, 98 extraperitoneal, 100-102 iatrogenic, delayed diagnosis of, 104 intraperitoneal, 102-103 during transurethral resection of prostate, 104-105 types, 98 Bladder rupture, spontaneous rupture after augmentation, 107-108 Bleeding

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